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To Weep, Perchance to Dream

If non-primates set their marks upon this world,

Their views, their memes, their sins.

Would they a lady’s slipper see,

Or different worlds within?

Perhaps instead, a feline grace,

A fleeting hippo muse,

A mantid’s dream,

Archaean’s space,

A raptor’s edge-sharp hues.

But in their darkest dreams and fears,

In their most dismal hours,

I fear they see a primate face

And feel a primate’s power…


Dark mist rising,

Drum beneath a keening sky

This scent of loam, of leaf, of yearning,

Of memory’s wail

And piacular’s cry...

Penitential ruminations,

Longings anew, ignored.

One evanescent expiation,

One understanding forward...

Revisit and addition to an old friend during this forced virus pause.

Sound of Silence (World in lockdown due to Covid 19 on YouTube


August 7, 2021

I recently rewatched a movie, something I rarely do. Perfect Sense struck home in a way it hadn’t done before the pandemic, and coupled with the two takes below on The Sound of Silence from my original post over a year ago, I was reminded again of our common humanity amidst the continuing pain and sadness today.

Sometimes wonder mourns rather than celebrates…

TILl we see Awe

I would you awe…

Not the tiny, nor small,

Nor restless profane,

Not the mundane that soul saps

The spirit to blister and crack in sorrow.

I would your eyes rise from that endless void

That levels the heights even as it fills the valleys.

If there be exaltation,

If there be wonder,

If there be yearnings that spring from our souls,

Let them be sublime in their seeking,

Believe in their knowing,

Secure in their journey

And awash in their wonder

Till heaven and earth are one…