Thoughts on Blogging

At this start of the new year, I find myself again reflecting on writing and the year to come. This blog principally remains a place to share the random bits that I find interesting. As such, it serves somewhat as an ad hoc journal. Now I’ve read enough about blogging to have a sense that I’m not following the general “rules,” I suppose. I didn’t identify a target audience. I don’t have a particular message that I’m trying to promote. I’m not looking at this point for numbers, i.e. great numbers of followers (though I like an audience as well as anyone). So for now, I’m not sure where this current blogging platform figures in my larger writing world.

I have been much more active on Twitter (with a hiatus here and there). Early on, I spent some time developing it as an information source. In the beginning, my core group was a carefully selected range of interesting people in a variety of fields who exhibited either knowledge or wit or good writing. It skewed somewhat towards the sciences just as I do. Most recently my Twitter efforts have begun to move from small online salon to something else that I have yet to see what it will become. Nevertheless, Twitter has remained one of my favorite and most useful online information activities.

Until recently, I was quite busy writing a coffee table history book and developing a museum for my company at the time. I didn’t have a lot of time or creative energy left for my own projects or creative work. Nor did I have time to do much in the way of online presence. Now that I have transitioned to this new phase, I have much more free creative time for myself, but I’m still identifying where and how and to what degree to apply that time.

I have a current book project to finish, so I obviously spend time with that. Afterwards, there are other writing projects that I want to pursue that will be from my own creative well rather than “work for hire.” So I suspect at some future point blogging will fit in with some of that work and assume a different place, and perhaps a different feel, in my writing life.

So today, these off-the-cuff ramblings represent a moment in time as I stare at this blog and think about the year to come. No revelations. No great thoughts. But a good place, for a few minutes today, to jot what’s on my mind.


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