An Alaskan Tiny House (Part 3)

We left Boulder, Colorado mid-afternoon to reach Cheyenne by dinner. We wanted something local, of course, and a waitress at another more upscale, but booked restaurant, mentioned Sanford’s Grub and Pub – which proved a fine call. Simple food and a fun atmosphere just off the main drag. Pub and nostalgia theme with a slight touch of county fair…and easier on the pocketbook to boot (to pun a Wyoming theme).

Inside Sanford’s Grub and Pub

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Apples and Winter

We recently made our annual fall trip to the apple orchards at nearby Cosby. We have visited several in the area over the years, but usually end up stopping at Carver’s, as well, for their wide selection.


My wife is partial to Rome apples, particularly for cooking, and so we bought our usual bushel. A friend had mentioned that we needed to check out a new Carousel apple, and so we bought one and included it in a small bag of samples. Later, when we tried it, it was crisp and sweet and had a particularly good flavor – so we may have to return and free a half bushel or so of them as well 🙂

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