Looking for a simple program to exercise your brain?

San Francisco-based firm, Lumos Labs, Inc. has launched a new Web service called Lumosity. In their words – “Lumosity is the brain fitness program designed by neuroscientists that is scientifically demonstrated to improve your memory, attention and processing speed.” A series of simple online sessions of some three to five games each allow users to exercise four differing areas of brain function. Use it or lose it as the old adage goes. So here’s a potential way to improve the brain that you have. And for those other types of self-improvement efforts that you may be contemplating, why not start them with the best brain possible? For more details you can check out www.lumosity.com. I’ll be going through the exercises and will post my own experiences.

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3 thoughts on “Looking for a simple program to exercise your brain?”

  1. Another really great program that people might want to check out is from Posit Science, http://www.positscience.com It is a really awsome program I just started using.
    They also have an informational site called the Brain Fitness Channel
    which has a lot of information on interesting aspects of the brain as well as brain fitness

  2. This is a well-constructed commercial site offering brain fitness products and programs. It is part of an internal network that includes community forums, blogs and other materials and appears to have a pretty steady community of users and interested parties.

  3. Apologies in order. It had been my intention to work my way through their exercises, and what I had initially skimmed through looked promising, but time constraints ended that hope as the site went off free Beta today. So it goes.

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